Holiday 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Nine years ago, we started the Hoshyar Foundation by adopting a run-down school for village kids in Pakistan. Inspired by the example of others, we decided to work for the empowerment of girls in the part of the world we loved and knew the best.

We ask you to join us in continuing to support Hoshyar, which now runs 11 schools, most in remote mountain areas. Three were built entirely with Hoshyar funds, and the rest by international groups, local communities, and the government. Several had become “ghost schools” – the government ran out of money and couldn’t operate them.  Communities approached us to get them up and running again, and we happily did so.
About 1,000 girls are in school thanks to Hoshyar and its partners. These students are often the first literate people in their families. They are the future of their communities. We focus on female education because of its wide-ranging and well-documented impact. We provide aid to middle schools, high schools, and post-secondary programs.  We stress keeping girls in school as long as possible, not only because of its long-term impact on community development, but also to retard the ruinous cycle of reproduction that early marriage brings on, especially in areas where health care is not readily available.
Higher education has been enormously important to the girls and women in our own families. Going back several generations, our foremothers here in the U.S. were minimally literate or altogether illiterate, and had no access to education. Now we take for granted high school and college, and many of us have chosen careers in teaching, health, and social services.
Girls in Pakistan want the same thing – and they deserve it. Hoshyar helps them achieve their goals. We have, from the very beginning, run entirely on individual donations, mostly from friends, colleagues and family. This year we have received many generous gifts already, and we join in thanking you and apologize if this update represents a duplication.
Our giving is magnified in its impact. American dollars go a long way in Pakistan. $75 will cover one village teacher’s salary for a month, and $450 will support an entire school for a month up in the mountains.
Please give Hoshyar special consideration as you engage in your end-of-year contributions. We cannot do this work without you. And remember – every gift is truly appreciated, no matter the amount. The easiest way to donate is via our website.  You will find options such as sending a check or using PayPal.
Season’s greetings and warm wishes to each of you.
Carla Petievich & Kathy Hansen
Co-founders, The Hoshyar Foundation


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Pictured above: In October 2015, Hoshyar awarded its first set of Science Prizes to graduating students at the Al-Hamd High School near Lahore. Each girl received a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, and a thermometer. Congratulations, future health workers!

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