Our Philosophy

The Hoshyar Foundation values the abilities and problem-solving skills inherent in developing areas of the world. Our secular educational philosophy is fundamental to our mission. Secular education provides an alternative to religious extremism and helps to connect students with the rest of the world.

We operate through direct contact between schools and their supporters abroad. We respond to communities that have expressed the need to improve educational resources for girls and women. Our approach emphasizes their institutions, their goals, their vision.

We conserve every dollar we receive so that it can stretch as far as possible.

We bring to our work an awareness of the cultures, languages, and histories of the South Asian region. We interact with our partners in local languages. We avoid intermediaries, seeking personal relationships that build confidence and understanding. We strive to treat our partners with dignity and respect.

We are mindful of the economic gap between North America and countries in South Asia. We recognize how difficult it is to transcend the perception of a great divide between the rich and the poor. At the same time, we realize that global disparities create opportunities for even modest grants of funds to have a significant impact. We encourage small contributions from our donors around the world and value the act of giving as an expression of compassion.

We conserve every dollar we receive so that it can stretch as far as possible. We are an organization run by volunteers. No one on the board receives a salary or honorarium.  We do not accept government grants. We maintain our low overhead by keeping the organization small. It is our belief that the lighter our footprint, the more effective we can be.